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➤ The Center actively establishes long-term research collaborations with top foreign research teams and democracy research institutes, including the holding of international seminars for academic exchange and cooperating with the conducting of surveys. Under an integrated research framework and standardized survey procedures, the Center focuses on the modernization of economic and social structures, political system transformation and democratization, and changes in political costs in East Asia. Conducting cross-country comparative studies has also enabled long-term follow-up studies of mechanisms and processes of the transformation and democratization of authoritarian regimes in East Asia, establishing a large empirical database to promote innovation in the democratization research agenda globally.


✔ Important Global Partners:

World Bank


  Asia-Pacific Regional Headquarter

Transparency International

International IDEA

The Henry Luce Foundation

Carter Center

National Endowment For Democracy

Brookings Institution

Fairbank Center for Chinese studies

Weatherhead East Asian Institute

The Center on Democracy, Development     and the Rule of Law

Politics and International Relations, ANU

Sydney Democracy Network