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☄ Youth and Democratic Citizenship in East and South-East Asia

International Conference on 《Asia's Challenged Democracies in the Age of Globalization, Digital Revolution and Democratic Recession》in Bangkok

The Stanford CDDRL’s 2016-17 Annual Conference on Taiwan Democracy: Taiwan’s Democratic Development:Reflections on the Ma-Ying-Jeou Era

《A Conference on the Competition over Soft Power in East Asia》Hosted by Center for East Asia Policy Studies of Brookings Institution

☄ A conference on The New Political Landscape in East Asia in Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University

A conference on Issue and Methodological Challenges in the Study of Contemporary Chinese Politics in the Department of Government, Harvard University and we were honored to invited Professor Gary King to give the keynote speech in Taipei

Asia Democracy Research Network Workshop

☄  Visit University of Sydney and Australian National University

The 7th Annual Conference of the Australian Society for Quantitative Political Science

Report  Release of South Asian Barometer Survey: State of Democracy in South Asia

☄ Report  Release of Global Barometer Survey

☄ Report  Release of Asain Barometer Survey

☄ An ABS-organized panel at IPSA 2018 World Congress