Asia Democracy Research Network Fourth Workshop in Taipei on February 11-12.


The Asia Democracy Research Network (ADRN) Fourth Workshop, organized by East Asia Institute and co-organized by Asian Barometer Survey (ABS) of National Taiwan University and Institute of Political Science at Academia Sinica (IPSAS), was held in Taipei on February 11-12, 2017.

Not only ADRN representatives and potential members, but scholars and experts on democracy research, program officers and research staff affiliated with emerging democracies in Asia, and representatives from grant-making foundations located in Taiwan contributed to the discussion.

Participant List

ADRN Members
Aira Azhari, Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Malaysia)
Chin-en Wu, Academia Sinica & Asian Barometer (Taiwan)
Kaustuv Chakrabarti, Society for Participatory Research in Asia (India)
Sook Jong Lee, East Asia Institute (South Korea)
Thawilwadee Bureekul, King Prajadhipok’s Institute (Thailand)
Tobias Basuki, Centre for Strategic and International Studies (Indonesia)
Yuho Nishimura, Genron NPO (Japan)

ADRN Potential Members
Francisco A. Magno, Jesse M. Robredo Institute of Governance (Philippines)
Hector D. Soliman, INCITEGov (Philippines)
Syed Hassan Akbar, Jinnah Institute (Pakistan)
U Khine Win, Sandhi Governance Institute (Myanmar)
U Myat Thu, Yangon School of Political Science (Myanmar)
Eric Yu, National Chengchi University (Taiwan)

Project Coordinators
HyeeJung Suh, East Asia Institute (South Korea)
Sun Ryung Park, East Asia Institute (South Korea)
JeeHyun Nam, East Asia Institute (South Korea)

Bomi Kim, Sungkyunkwan University (South Korea)
Szu-chien Hsu, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (Taiwan)
Yun-han Chu, National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
Lynn Lee, National Endowment for Democracy (U.S.)
Paul Rothman, Center for International Media Assistance (U.S.)
Christopher Walker, National Endowment for Democracy (U.S.)