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The East Asia region and Southeast Asia have long been associated with authoritarian rule. It is argured that Asians have a feeling of authoritarian nostalgia. In ABS, three items are used to measure disapprove of three non-democratic alternative regime types - one-party rule, millitary government, and dictatorship under a strongman rule, which we call detachment from authoritarianism. 

q130: We should get rid of parliament and elections and have a strong leader decide things.

q131: Only one political party should be allowed to stand for election and hold office.

q132: The army (military) should come in to govern the country.

We found that many citizens in East Asia remain nostalgic about the authoritarian past. Despite two decades of democratic development in Mongolia, more than 60% of respondents support getting rid of parliament in favor of rule by a strong leader. Around one-third of respondents in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand express the same view. Significant numbers of respondents across the region also support army rule, most notably in Thailand, where support for army rule has climbed dramatically following the May 2014 coup.


Note: (1) % combines "strongly approve" and "approve".

         (2) China, Vietnam, and Myanmar are excluded from the analysis.

Source: ABS wave 1 to wave 4.

update time: 2016/12/26